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We are Passionate

We passionately commit ourselves to your success and look forward to the journey. Together we will discover, grow, create and renew.

Our Approach

We work one on one with our clients so we can be responsive, flexible and adaptable.

We provide a rigorous approach uncovering the narrative through qualitative and quantitative methods. We create a learning environment.

Our Process

We begin with your world and look at your assumptions, logic, language, vision, strategies and execution. We creatively and robustly help you dramatically transform your thinking, focussing on big thoughts and ideas. We concentrate on what will energise, renew and re-define.

Our Principles

The journey is as important as the destination. The learning process itself is revitalising. If it doesn't get measured it doesn't get managed.

We have the capacity to bring out the best in people.


Norton Consulting Group will work one on one to find out the issues holding your organisation back. Together we will discover, grow and renew.

Our Team

Dr Catherine Norton

Dr Catherine Norton


Dr Catherine Norton's areas of expertise cover organisational change, communication and culture, leadership, team accountability, innovative engagement and strategic renewal.


Catherine's approach is challenging, stimulating and insightful. All interventions and processes are designed to enhance engaged conversations.


As a consultant, Dr Norton has worked with hundreds of groups across a range of industries. She has worked with all levels including Boards, senior management teams, team leaders and staff.

Dr Robert Norton

Dr Robert Norton


Dr Robert Norton works with senior and middle managers to help them understand the factors that make a difference. His approach stretches the thinking of individuals.


His understanding of communication results in decisive action. He moves people out of their comfort zones in a provocative but nurturing fashion. He alerts them to what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.


His sense of humour guides managers to consider surprising solutions, insights and self-appraisal.

Norton the Lion

Norton the Lion


On fire and ready to roar, Norton embodies the drive and passion behind Norton Consulting Group.

The lion is a relentless fighter in the face of life challenges. The spirit of the lion represents courage, assertiveness, personal power and strength in overcoming difficulties.

"I'm not afraid of an army of lions lead by sheep, I'm afraid of an army of sheep lead by a lion"

- Alexander The Great.